Poland Offering Funding to Polish Developers in Order to Stimulate Their Video Game Developing Market

on June 9, 2016 2:55 PM

It was recently revealed that the Polish Government created an investment fund worth $20 Million or 18 million Euros with the help of CD Projekt Red (Witcher Series).  Any Polish developers with an “Innovative Project” can apply if the qualify with the following parameters:

  • Developers must have a budget of 500,000 Polish zloty ($129,461) to 20 million zloty ($5,178,464).
  • A project timeline of up to three years.
  • “Consists of industrial research and experimental development or experimental development only.”
  • Contractors may only make up 60 percent of eligible costs.
  • Work done in Poland.

If Polish game companies meet these criteria, they can get a grant that will cover 40% to 80% of eligible costs.  It is great to see a country like Poland, who aside from Techland (Dying Light) and CD Projekt Red is not very well known for games, expand in the gaming market.  It will be interesting to see what new and creative games come from this program.

 /  Staff Writer
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