Police Quest Creator Jim Walls Returns From Retirement to Introduce To The World “Precinct”

on July 16, 2013 7:13 PM

For gamers who sorely miss the many games of Sierra On-line, rejoice! Jim Walls and Robert Lindsley have joined forces again to bring back the spirit of the Police Quest games with Walls’ newest project, Precinct.

As you can see in the Kickstarter trailer below, there’s a lot of history between Walls, Lindsley, Sierra and Police Quest, but Precinct looks to not only rein fans of their previous works, but draw in newcomers as well with their near two decades of experience working in the game industry.

Based in “the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, CA,” Precinct stars Maxwell Jones, a rookie officer who will be faced with “adrenaline charged scenarios” and “real police procedures” when solving crimes and arresting perpetrators. Many of the cases will be based on true accounts of real police situations, and with a narrative written by both Wells and “some of today’s brightest Hollywood talent.” As players clean up the streets, they’ll run into corrupt cops, greedy public officials, and struggle for control over Fraser’s criminal underground. The game will be played in first person perspective, with puzzlers and action sequences that include shootouts, high speed car chases, investigations, foot pursuits, hand-to-hand combat, and more.

Walls and Lindsley want gamers to know that “every Kickstarter dollar you give goes directly towards developing Precinct,” and that using Kickstarter allows them to create the game the best possible way they can. While the game is set to release to the PC and Mac platforms, with enough support they’d like to release to the Linux, iOS, Android, PSN and XBLA platforms as well. Check out the trailer, screenshots and art below for a closer look at the game, and check out the Precinct Kickstarter page to support this project.


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