Poll Reveals that Japan May be Losing Interest in Home Consoles

Poll Reveals that Japan May be Losing Interest in Home Consoles

It’s well known that in Japan home consoles are overwhelmed by portable ones in terms of popularity, but the Japanese may be losing further interest at the outset of a new generation. The local statistics firm Goo ranking conducted a cellphone-based poll on the question “What are you no longer spending time and money on recently?”

2144 people responded and the results were fairly surprising.

  1. Home video games (352 votes)
  2. Listening to music (on CD) (295 votes)
  3. Beauty (282 votes)
  4. Dining out (191 votes)
  5. Anime (163 votes)
  6. Going to the movies (139 votes)
  7. Reading (135 votes)
  8. Traveling (133 votes)
  9. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions (121 votes)
  10. Day to day dieting (89 votes)
  11. Sports (84 votes)
  12. Improving skills (50 votes)
  13. Social games (49 votes)
  14. Online shopping (46 votes)
  15. TV shopping (15 votes)

While the respondent pool is not exactly enormous, the poll paints the picture of a Japan losing interest in home consoles and more interested in portable and social games, and the sales charts that come out every week seem to confirm it.

The coming of a new generation seems to have revitalized interest in gaming consoles in the west, but in Japan neither next gen console has a release date yet. Will they be able to grab Japan’s attention again when they’ll be released? No way to know, but we can only hope.