Poly Bridge Will Make Its Console Debut on Nintendo Switch

Poly Bridge Will Make Its Console Debut on Nintendo Switch

Indie and Twitch darling Poly Bridge by Dry Cactus will be coming as a console exclusive to Nintendo Switch coming Holiday 2017.

Those in-tune with the YouTube scene likely have a basic understanding of developer Dry Cactus’ Poly Bridge. Speaking to your inner engineer, Poly Bridge gives you the power to connect Point A to Point B on a diagram with the bridge of your choosing. And with a small but dedicated community on both PC and iOS, console players will be elated to learn that the first version will be coming to consoles on Nintendo Switch

Seen in the trailer below, the game was revealed at the Nindies Summer Showcase 2017 which saw an equivocal avalanche of titles. While some may yawn at the idea of building bridges, the trailer illuminates how interesting being a bridge engineer could be — including slinging cars across gaps (trebuchet style) or making a Godzilla-shaped bridge that manages to crush itself while allowing other cars across.

The PC version of the game has over 100 campaign levels and a sandbox mode that lets you test your hand on creating dilemmas, problems, and bridge-building solutions. However, the PC version also has access to Steam Workshop (as a means to share levels with friends and strangers) and Twitch integration — it will be interesting to see if either of those features are supported in the Nintendo Switch version of Poly Bridge.

While no firm release date is known, it was confirmed in the Showcase that Poly Bridge would be a console exclusive for Nintendo Switch launching Holiday 2017. Whether it will later come to PS4 or Xbox One has not been mentioned by developer Dry Cactus, but players can test it out on PC or iOS. Check out the brand new Nintendo Switch trailer and a few gifs below: