Pop! Funko Introduces its First Pokemon Vinyl Figure, Starting with Pikachu

Pop! Funko Introduces its First Pokemon Vinyl Figure, Starting with Pikachu

The ever-lovable Pikachu will be the first ever Pop! Funko figurine to release, with the collectible coming in July 2018 exclusively at Target stores.

Since their introduction, Pop! Funko’s expansive line of vinyl figurines have given fans the chance to collect their favorite icons and characters from numerous TV shows, movies, games, and more around the world, and now Pokemon is joining the fray with its first ever collectible based on Pokemon, and three guesses who the first figurine will be.

Toy and collectible maker Pop! Funko has announced that the company will make its first-ever Pokemon figurine based on the beloved Nintendo franchise, with the first figurine of course being the series’ most iconic Pocket Monster, Pikachu.

The Pikachu Pop! Funko Vinyl Figurine will be exclusively in Target stores later this month. While no specific pricing has been revealed by Pop! Funko yet, you can expect it to range somewhere around $10 based on past figurines from the company being in that price range.

While Pikachu is no stranger to being in miniature collectible form, I have to saw that Pop! Funko’s rendition of the electric mouse is definitely one of the cutest I’ve seen, and I might just have to wander into a Target to grab one myself, depending on where I can get it. Not like I already have too many Pop! Funko toys already, or anything.

For a closer look, you can check out the image below: