Popcorn, Dragons, What's Not to Love in PopCap's New iOS Game

Peggie and Bejeweled creators PopCap are preparing to release a new game for the iPad and iPhone this winter: Popcorn Dragon. And it’s as scaly and delicious as you imagine it is.

PopCap parent company Electronic Arts announced the game yesterday in the hum of announcements preceding New York Comic Con. Players use their fingers to move a dragon around the screen, using its fire-breathing powers to cook popcorn kernels. Once the kernals or popped, the dragon can turn around and gobble them up. But alas, your dragon cannot munch his treats in peace; various villains try to stun your dragon, a different deterrent assigned to each level. These snack attackers include ghost and cannonball-laden pirates.

Take a peek at some screenshots after the cut!

Alexa Ray Corriea

A High Summoner from the Woods of the North (read: New England), Alexa and her ragtag band of comrades have saved the world from cataclysmic destruction countless times -- you just didn't notice. When she isn't writing or gaming, she enjoys baking, long walks at dusk, and cosplay.

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