Fortnite and Bowsette Smash into Top Ten Search Results on Pornhub

Some gaming statistics you didn't expect to see today from Pornhub.

As the year comes to an end we tend to see the end of year statistics for companies, websites, and more. Pornhub is one of these companies who today shared details of their 2018 year in review. As it happens, video games made the lists because, why not?

One of the sections on Pornhub’s year in review page shows the searches that defined 2018, looking at the most popular searches of the year. Coming in at number two is Fortnite which according to Pornhub, searches for Epic Games’ third-person shooter…rose back in April. Getting into specifics, April was when Fortnite was experiencing log-in issues across all platforms, and within that 24-hour period searches for the game increased as much as 60%.

Getting further down and dirtier on Pornhub’s list finds Bowsette. You’ll probably remember Ayyk92’s fan-art that merged Bowser and Princess Peach gaining popularity, so much to the point that some was inspired and created Bowsette in SoulCalibur VI. You can watch that creation get destroyed in a ranked match or find out how to make Bowsette with this guide. Pornhub states that in one week alone, Bowsette search results exceeded 3 million.

Interestingly, Pornhub also reveals that 54.4% of traffic comes from PS4 users, and 33% from Xbox users. How those people found the time to come away from some of the biggest titles this year I’ll never know.  Also, the change in traffic share from the 3DS from 2017 – 2018 dropped by 49%. Although it wasn’t specified if that was on the standard 3DS or the chunky 3DS XL, so I’ll just assume it was a group of 3DS’s.

You know you want to know this, so here are some of the top video game characters that were searched for on the Pornhub. Coming in at the top was, of course, Bowsette. Following that saw Overwatch’s Brigitte, then Lara Croft no doubt exploring some tombs, Mercy from Overwatch, Zelda, Ashe from Overwatch, and Mario, probably because of his nipples or that fuzzy mustache. There’s even searches for Pikachu in there probably hoping to see Ryan Reynolds in costume, and some Mortal Kombat characters using some over the top finishing moves.

So there you have it, some of the biggest trends related to gaming from Pornhub! It’s the news you didn’t think you wanted to see, but now it’ll act as general knowledge you’ll be able to share with…someone.

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