Portable PS3 and 360 System

on April 25, 2011 9:00 AM

Portable PS3 and 360 System

Come on, who hasn’t imagined bringing our consoles anywhere with us and being able to use them at any given moment? It’s almost like an unlimited fun time! Manufacturer GAEMS has put up a listing for their latest product on Amazon and it looks sweeeeeet. The technical term for the device is the G-155-Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System and allows any PS3/360 user to play their system anywhere that has a power outlet nearby. You can pre-order the device now for when it releases on May 19 at the price of $299.

Wondering how this contraption actually works? Well the device has a 15.5” LED TV with an HDMI connection and stereo speakers with headphones incorporated into it. The exterior has a case to protect the gear inside from minor impacts and storage bags for any accessories while a fitted foam base holds the PS3 or 360 firmly in place and provides proper ventilation. So let me get this straight. We can play our video game systems at (virtually) any time and for extended periods? Score! Sadly, we cannot prevent any ridicule you may encounter at public places like airports. You know what…you better not use the G-155 at any airport.


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