Portal Speedrunner Claims a New World Record in Seven Minutes and Seven Seconds

Speedrunner CantEven breaks their own Portal world record wide open in the mind-boggling time of seven minutes and seven seconds.

December 31, 2018

Before chicken dinners were the must-have meal for gamers, deliciously moist cake was the dish that players would strive for instead. And who wants to wait in line for cake? Not speedrunner CantEven; that’s for sure. Instead, they’ve taken it upon themselves to rush through classic puzzle game Portal at an eyeball-spearing pace.

The vomit inducing run is jam-packed full of twists, turns and gravity-defying exploits in order to make it from the game’s opening scene within a holding cell all the way through to the explosive final battle with cheeky villain GLaDOS.

CantEven, who broadcasts from Ohio in the United States, takes every advantage possible on the way through Portal. Numerous times throughout the run, they can be seen slipping in and out of bounds, heavily manipulating the game as they glitch from one test chamber to the next.

This run sees CantEven beating their own previous world record and setting a new bar for other Portal players within the speedrunning community to strive to beat. The entire playthrough’s duration, minus loading times, clocks in at a jaw-dropping seven minutes and seven seconds. Furthermore, the player states on their YouTube channel that they believe a further two seconds could be shaved off during the game’s escape sequence. They then go on to confirm that they have no intention on retrying it any time soon.

Portal is a classic puzzle title set within the Half-Life universe which involves lateral thinking and is also famed for its unique brand of comedy. The game is now more than ten years old, but it still held in high regard throughout the gaming community. Portal is available now on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Linux, and even mobile devices. It is also available as part of Xbox One’s ever-expanding backward compatibility catalog.

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