Possible Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations

Possible Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations


Apparently, there is no code that can be hidden from the users of the Steam forum. We’re only one week into the rotating list of “Mutations” coming to Left 4 Dead 2, and the Steam forum goers possibly already dug up a large portion of the 20-plus game variations scheduled.


A few of the list are already confirmed as legit, but the list is full of placeholders, so don’t count on all of them making it. However, I can only hope that most of them do make it, because all the words below conjour up delightful Left 4 Dead 2 images.

Here’s the full list.

First Man Out
Four Swords Men
Head Shots Only
Last Man On Earth
Linear Scavenge
Max Specials
No Health Versus
Realism Versus
Temporary Health
Ultra Realism
Versus Survival
Vip Target