Possible Xenosaga HD Collection Rejected Due to Lack of Profitability

Possible Xenosaga HD Collection Rejected Due to Lack of Profitability

Former Tekken producer Harada dashed the hopes of fans wishing for a Xenosaga HD Collection. It was rejected after a "profitable market analysis."

Recently Katsuhiro Harada, the former producer of the Tekken series for the past 25 years and currently the general producer of all of Bandai Namco’s major IPs, answered a pressing question for fans of the Xenosaga trilogy. Back in 2014, over 1000 fans showed their support for an HD Collection of the trilogy and Harada promised he would pitch the idea to Bandai Namco. Recently Twitter user Instant Mayhem followed up with Harada concerning said collection:

Harada responding to said tweet with some disappointing news:

It seems that the news saddens Harada just as much as fans, as he posted this tweet shortly after in response to another Twitter user:

Most likely that market analysis included the fact that sales numbers significantly dropped for the second game’s release and the third title never reached the first game’s sales numbers. Not to mention that most of the original staff is still with Monolith Soft, which is now a first party studio under Nintendo, while Bandai Namco still holds the rights to the Xenosaga IP. So unfortunately we won’t be seeing a Xenosaga HD Collection anytime soon, if ever.

In other news Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition has been announced for Nintendo Switch with a reveal trailer and will be coming sometime in 2020. The term Definitive Edition implies many new additions will be made, though nothing official has been detailed as of now. One thing fans are looking forward to is the addition of Bionis’ Left Shoulder area, which was in the original game but not normally accessible.

Its sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, received an extensive expansion pack called Torna ~ The Golden Country. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country serves as a prequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s main story, set 500 years beforehand. It focuses on Jin, one of the main antagonists of the base game, and shows how is homeland Coeia was destroyed due to the Aegis. The main story takes place on a new Titan in the shape of a dragon. But along with that and other new locations, there are tons of new playable characters with unique abilities. Players can now also use drivers in addition to blades to modify their typical abilities and arts.