Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat Game Crossout Reaches 3 Million Player Milestone In Under a Month

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat Game Crossout Reaches 3 Million Player Milestone In Under a Month

The massively multiplayer online vehicular combat game has reached an amazing 3 million player milestone in just under a month.

Targem Games’ and Gaijin Entertainment announced today that their insanely customizable vehicular combat game Crossout has reached an astounding 3 million players in just under a month of being released. The game released on May 30, 2017 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Since its release the game has maintained favorable user ratings across all three platforms.

Stanislav Skorb, CEO at Targem Games had this to say in response to the milestone the two studios recently hit:

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the launch of Crossout, given the incredible feedback we’ve received from those who were already able to try the game at shows like E3 and Gamescom, as well as during Closed Beta. We have invested a lot of effort, enthusiasm and dedication into making Crossout unique and interesting, and it’s amazing to see the game take off in such a spectacular way. Now, we’re focused on further improving and expanding the game. Just recently, driver characters appeared in Crossout, and next week new PvE adventures on a challenging mountain landscape will be made available – new factions, vehicle parts and game modes are also already in the pipeline!”

For those that haven’t played the game or heard of it, Crossout is a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game. In Crossout players can craft their unique battle car utilizing dozens of parts. Due to the customization options offered in Crossout, the possibilities are virtually endless. The game features both PvP and PvE options for players to enjoy. There are different rarities to each crafting component which can be purchased using in game currency. In addition to this, players can sell parts they find in battle to other players.

Crossout is currently available as a free-to-play title on PS4, Xbox One and PC.