All Post-Launch Content in Earthfall Will be Available for Free

All Post-Launch Content in Earthfall Will be Available for Free

Holospark revealed onstage during Microsoft's monthly edition of Inside Xbox that all content for Earthfall other than cosmetics will be free.

During today’s edition of Inside Xbox members of the team at Holospark, the developers of the upcoming multiplayer shooter Earthfall, revealed some details on content coming post-launch.

When speaking to Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Holospark’s Senior Community Manager Collin Moore stated that all content that will be coming to Earthfall after it releases will be made available for free. This includes all new levels, game modes, and other additional content that Holospark will slowly start rolling out once the game has launched.


Moore went on to say that Earthfall will offer paid cosmetic items in-game that will cost real money but he and the team at Holospark wanted to ensure that if you and your friends buy Earthfall upon release then you’ll be able to all continue playing together for the life of the game. This is a tactic that many other publishers of multiplayer shooters have been utilizing within the past year or two as it has become more important to them to keep their player base together rather than splitting it up.

This news is good timing for Holospark as it comes just a few days before Earthfall is scheduled to launch. Later this week on Friday, July 13, Earthfall will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $29.99. If you’re interested in hearing our initial thoughts on Earthfall, be sure to check out our preview from earlier this year at PAX East.