Post Launch DLC Confirmed for Portal 2

Post Launch DLC Confirmed for Portal 2


Valve has confirmed that they will continue supporting their feature rich and highly anticipated sequel Portal 2 after it launches with DLC. No details are available on this additional content, but writer Chet Faliszek promises more details after the game hits store shelves:

“We have a DLC that we’re going to be announcing. Really can’t give you any detail [until] after launch, and we’re going to have some details about how that’ll get released and what that’ll form forthcoming.”

The writer played coy when asked if the DLC would contain new stages, replying “We’ll see”. He also noted that Steam support for the PS3, as well as PC and Mac would be integral to the revolutionary cross-platform play the title promises:

“It’ll let us update more frequently, which is a big thing especially because the PS3, PC and Mac can all play together,”

The release of the long awaited Portal 2 is nearly upon us. Boasting a commendable list of features, it’s shaping up to become one of the year’s biggest releases. The game will be available on April 19th for HD consoles, as well as the PC and Mac.

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