What Do Sonic LEGO Sets Mean for a Potential LEGO Sonic Game?

LEGO is spin dashing their way into Sonic sets, but it doesn't seem likely that they'll be making a game.

February 4, 2021

LEGO helped shape many childhoods with its vast catalog of sets and figures. As we started to grow up buying less LEGO sets, LEGO didn’t write us off entirely. Instead of only remaining in the block market, LEGO shifted some of its focus into making quality video game titles. Now, LEGO games are a staple of the games industry with recent titles ranging anywhere from pretty good to excellent. With the recent announcement of Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO’s, I’m left wondering if a LEGO Sonic game is in the works.

Last year for Mario‘s 35th anniversary, LEGO announced that they were making a handful of Super Mario sets featuring Goombas, Yoshi, and many other classic Mario characters. This did not come alongside an announcement of a LEGO Super Mario title, but that doesn’t push a LEGO Sonic game out of the picture entirely.


After all, Sonic made an appearance in LEGO Dimensions, a game that created small sets based around video games that doubled as level packs for the game itself. His set featured a simple Sonic Minifigure, one of his race cars, and Tails’ plane the Tornado. The Sonic levels in LEGO Dimensions saw the main characters work together with Sonic and friends to defeat Chaos and Dr. Robotnik. It didn’t necessarily break new grounds in terms of narrative for the Blue Blur, but the game assets are certainly there.

The only thing stopping me from thinking that a LEGO Sonic game announcement is coming is the fact that the recently announced set came from the platform LEGO Ideas. This is an official LEGO online platform that allows builders to create their own sets virtually and upload them to a forum. If their design gets enough traction or they submit it for official product consideration, LEGO can make their set and sell it. In the case of the Sonic set, this is exactly what happened. I’m not saying that an accompanying game isn’t possible, just that it seems unlikely given the information.

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