Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Implements Crossplay, Cross Progression, and More DLC Characters

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid developer nWay is finally following through with promised features such as crossplay and cross progression.

While Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid launched for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in later March and early April, it felt far from complete at release. The roster was quite small for a 3v3 fighter at only 9 characters, and several promised features like crossplay and a story mode were not included. Fortunately, these issues are being addressed in subsequent patches, one of which arrived today. This new patch not only coincides with the release of new DLC characters, but improves Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s multiplayer suite with things like crossplay.

The three new characters revealed today – Trey of Triforia, Jen Scotts, and Lord Zedd – are part of the Season One Pass. Trey is the original Gold Zeo Ranger, Jen is the Pink Time Force ranger and leader of that group, and Lord Zedd is a classic Power Rangers villain that all fans should know. Jason Lee Scott’s Red Dragon Shield form was also added as a skin. Trey and Jen are available today, while Lord Zedd is coming at a later, undisclosed date. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s Season One Pass is $14.99, though the new fighters can all be bought individually for $6.99 as well. A new trailer showing the three characters in action was released, so you can check that out below:

While those new characters do have to be purchased, the other improvements in update 1.3 are free. This update mainly focuses on the multiplayer portion of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid by adding both previously promised features as well as one new one. Crossplay is finally available between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions. While PS4 players will not be able to join in the fun, nWay has previously told DualShockers that they would love to bring PS4 into the mix eventually. That being said, players are probably just pleased that the promised feature that was absent at launch is finally being implemented into the game.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s crossplay runs through the nWayPlay server platform that its developer is beginning to roll out. As this service includes player IDs and other social systems, it has allowed nWay to also add cross progression, another thing that was promised around the time of Battle for the Grid’s announcement. The last major addition to multiplayer is Direct Match, which lets any two players from any of the crossplay supported platforms to directly search and match up with each other. While it has taken months for the game to reach this state, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid finally seems to be in a good place with a decent roster and all promised features included.

Some new screenshots were also put out alongside this update, so you can see those below. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is currently available with all of these improvements and DLC characters on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is still slated to come to PC, though that version still has a vague Summer 2019 release window; hopefully, the PC release will have all of these post launch improvements from the get go.

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