Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Continues to Improve With Online Lobbies and PS4 Cross-Play

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid developer nWay admits the latest makes the fighting game "exactly what we had envisioned."

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was not very good when it launched. While the core of a solid fighter was definitely there, the game seemed pretty rushed and it was clear that nWay had overpromised what would be present initially. That being said, Battle for the Grid has been improved massively in the year since its launch. Almost one year after launch, the game has received some visual enhancements, tons of new characters, a story mode and more. Today, nWay revealed some new features that are coming to the game soon and is claiming that these updates make the game “exactly what we had envisioned when we started creating the title.”

The major additions in update 2.0 are related to multiplayer and will definitely be appreciated by Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s dedicated fans. The first of these is online lobbies for up to eight players. Four matches can run simultaneously in these lobbies, though players will be able to spectate other players if they are waiting. This is a hallmark of the best online fighting games, so it’s nice to see it finally added to Battle for the Grid. This feature will also be embellished by the fact that cross-play is now finally supported on PS4.

Sony has been notoriously strict when it comes to cross-play, but have been budging over the past year. In regards to PS4 cross-play, nWay told DualShockers last year that they’d “love every player to play with each other. The more the merrier for sure.” Unfortunately, Sony was not playing ball at the time. That finally changes today, so players can battle each other and carry over progression across the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

These improvements come just in time for a Stadia release, which is poised to happen sometime this year. In the meantime, nWay found Taehoon Kim is stressing that the developers have finally achieved their true vision for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid after almost a year of post-launch support.”We are proud to be able to offer Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid players more content and features over the past several months,” he said. “With the latest update, the game is now exactly what we had envisioned when we started creating the title knowing that players will enjoy all of the competitive features, immersive story-lines and wide range of characters and arenas that make the game one of the best fighting games available.”

While it would’ve been nice to have all of these features at launch, at least nWay had the chance to improve their game and become a sleeper hit within the fighting game scene. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and will be coming to Google Stadia soon.

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