Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Gameplay Trailer Finally Shows Zords and New Characters

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid's latest trailer finally shows Zords as well as new characters like Magna Defender and Goldar.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has received a few gameplay videos in the past but they have been fairly reserved, only showing a couple of characters and the basic fighting mechanics. Today, a full-fledged gameplay trailer was released by nWay, Lionsgate, and Hasbro and it finally showcases several new characters as well as Zords’ use in game as Megazord Ultras.

The gameplay of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid looks much more fluid here than in some previous trailers, as it isn’t afraid to show juggle combos and the game’s assist takeover mechanics. Additionally, it shows new characters with varied abilities unlike what we’ve seen so far. In addition to the four previous confirmed characters (Jason, Tommy, Lord Drakkon, and Gia), this trailer shows that Magna Defender, Mastodon Sentry, Goldar, Ranger Slayer, and Kat will also be joining the fray.

These characters come a wide variety of places within the Power Rangers lore, reflected the developer’s previous comments. nWay’s Senior Producer told DualShockers in a recent interview that “a big, important part for us is to make sure that people that left the brand or stopped watching the show at different times will have elements in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid that will bring them back. Then, we can introduce them to new, interesting stuff.” This trailer helps prove that Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is definitely trying to do that.

That being said, Jesse was hesitant to talk about one thing in our interview that was finally shown off today: Zords. This trailer introduces the concept of Megazord Ultras, which give the player some extra help by attacking or stunning one’s opponent. While we don’t see a full-on zord on zord fight in this trailer, Megazord Ultras are an interesting inclusion nonetheless.

You can check out some screenshots featuring the new characters below. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will now release for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in “Spring 2019”, a more vague window than the previously shared “April 2019” release window. Following the console release, the game will also be coming to PC later this year.

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