Power Rangers Online Announced As a Side-Scrolling Action MMORPG

Power Rangers Online Announced As a Side-Scrolling Action MMORPG

Remember the oh, so terrible series born from Saban maiming the already rather cheesy (but also rather nice) Japanese live series Tokusatsu Super Sentai ? I do, and I’m sure you do too.

Power Rangers is going to have it’s own online game in Korea, published by Ntreev Soft (known for Pangya in the west) and Daewon Media, and developed by IRONNOS (Crimson Gem Saga)

The game will be a side-scrolling action online mmorpg and will include the option to transform. A closed beta phase will be opened later this year, with a full release scheduled by the end of the year.

We still don’t know exactly what series of Power Rangers will be the setting for this game, nor if it’ll be anything akin to the american adaptation by Saban. That’s because in Korea both the Saban series and a new adaptation of the original Super Sentai series produced by Bandai of Korea have been broadcasted (titled Power Ranger). I sure hope the game will be based on the second.

Why should we care? Ntreev Soft has a US branch, and the Power Rangers still retain some degree of popularity in the US, so a western localization isn’t that unlikely.

A teaser site for the game is available here.