Powercast to Unveil Wireless Charging Grips for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers at CES 2019

Powercast to Unveil Wireless Charging Grips for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers at CES 2019

Hate having to charge your Joy-Con's? Powercast have you covered.

Powercast has announced that they will be unveiling the Wireless Charging Grips for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers at The International Consumer Electronics Show in 2019. We’ve been able to see some images and a video showing how the product will work.

Powercast’s Powerspot system is required for these Joy-Con charging grips to work and is a transmitter that projects wireless charging signals to Powerharvester Receivers that allow the device containing these receivers to charge wirelessly. This works by having the transmitter pushing out RF signals, and when those RF signals reach the receivers, the signal is converted into DC power.

These grips come in two forms, one is similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grip which houses both controllers in an almost traditional controller system. The other houses only one Joy-Con and allows the user to hold it like a controller. You can find examples of these in the gallery below.

The Joy-Con Charging Grips will automatically connect to the Powerspot device if the grips are within two feet of the transmitter. Thanks to the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the grips will only ask for charging signals if the batteries are low. When the batteries are charged then the signals stop.

The grips contain embedded batteries with Powerharvester chips that feed them power and they sit in the middle of the grips. That power being harvested will then be transferred to the Joy-Con batteries, and just like that, you’ll be able to live without docking your controllers to the Switch screen again. Well, if you’re out of charging range you’ll get at least thirty-eight hours of gameplay from one charge at least.

The grips do have slots for the contollers to slot into, ensuring that your precious HD rumble Joy-Con’s are nice and safe. If my explanation from reading the press release didn’t make sense, then you can just watch the video below.

We’ve seen 8BitDo announce a wireless GameCube adapter for the Nintendo Switch and even ViGRAND offering a controller with Bluetooth pairing for the console. Powercast’s product seems to be a rather interesting one, allowing you to continue to use the official controller for the Switch past its usual battery life, and the wireless charging is a fancy futuristic feeling that’ll no doubt have you feeling like Iron Man.

Powercast will be unveiling the Wireless Charging Grips for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers at CES in 2019 at the Pepcom, or Sands booth #41767.