Powered Up Reshiram and Zekrom DLC Coming to Pokemon Black and White

By Kenneth Richardson

March 6, 2012

Pokemon Black/White players have had no shortage of excitement recently. Aside from the recent reveal of the full blown sequels, we’ve also been getting some pretty awesome Wi-Fi pokemon gifts. The next DLC will be Reshiram and Zekrom, the monsters that appear on the covers of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White respectively.

This seems a bit confusing considering that players must capture one of these pokemon to complete the game, but I guess it is better than nothing. Plus, the only way you would normally get both of these pokemon is if you traded someone for the other one or bought both versions of the game, which I certainly did not.

Both pokemon will be at level 100 and they appear to have a slightly different set of moves than originally. Also, they’ll both be holding a dragon gem. The distribution will begin on March 10th and run until April 8th.

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