Praey for the Gods Enters Steam Early Access Tomorrow

Praey for the Gods Enters Steam Early Access Tomorrow

No Matter Studios' long-awaited title Praey for the Gods finally arrives on steam early access tomorrow allowing players to step into the frozen world of giant gargantuan creatures

No Matter Studios has announced that Praey for the Gods is arriving to steam early access on January 31st. It’s been some time since we heard from the studio behind the Shadow of the Colossus inspired title since they set up a Kickstarter in 2016 with a goal to raise $300,000, which they completely smashed with a very successful crowdfunded amount of $501,252.

The studio has thankfully released a trailer too which showcases why it received the vast amount of support it did. In the early access trailer, we see the stunning backdrop of snowy peaks and amazingly inviting landscapes that would captivate any player to want to explore more of. Beautifully haunting vocal coats the entire video, while you witness giant gargantuan creatures try to battle the lone hero as they dodge and climb these huge strong gods. You can definitely see where No Matter Studios plucked some Shadow of the Colossus creativity as the trailer unfolds.

If you haven’t heard of Praey for the Gods before, here’s a brief summary. In the title, you set out on a grueling adventure that’s set on a frozen island. If you want to survive this cold and formidable place, you must slay the giant gargantuan creatures that roam the land. You will have to hunt for food, craft weapons, and armor – If that’s not enough to break you, every night you will have to seek out shelter – with the terrible weather making this a more difficult task.

With just the clothes on your back, you must quickly adapt and survive the colossal dangers that you encounter; in order to restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a God knows the answer to. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

In 2017, No Matter Studios had to change the name of the game from Prey for the Gods to Praey for the Gods due to trademark issues regarding Bethesda’s existing Prey title.

As of the time of writing, no price has been announced for Praey for the Gods, but you can keep an eye out on the steam webpage on the run-up to its launch tomorrow. This looks to be an amazing game and I would love to know if people have played it and what they thought of it, so drop us a comment below once you have.

You can check out the Praey for the Gods Early Access Trailer below: