Pre-Order Bonuses for Valkyria Chronicles II: Extra Missions

Pre-Order Bonuses for Valkyria Chronicles II: Extra Missions


The upcoming strategy/action RPG Valkyria Chronicles II will be hitting North America August 31st on PlayStation Portable. This game will come with two extra missions if you pre-order it at GameStop through a digital download on the PlayStation Network upon release. Check out the synopsis and bonus details below.

Join Together And Defeat The Rebel Forces

Two years after the Great Battle against the Imperial Army, the Gallians must once again rise to protect their freedom.

Be the hero in a dramatic fight to save your country alongside fellow cadets from Gallia’s Lancir Military Academy. Gallia and its plentiful mineral resources are under attack again – this time from the rebel Gallian Revolutionary Army that aims to conquer Gallia’s new regime.

Pre-Order Bonus Missions

Exercise vs. Class E – Exterminatory war exercise against rival class E using all areas of Leanbluff Forest. Destroy all enemies in each area to win this challenge.

Exercise vs. Class F – Defense exercise against rival class F. Break through their stonewalling defense and take over their encampment to win this mission.