Pre-Order Dungeon Siege III On Steam, Get the First Two Free

on April 10, 2011 12:30 PM

Pre-Order Dungeon Siege III On Steam, Get the First Two Free

Good news for my PC bros who like dungeon crawlers: Starting now, if you pre-purchase Obsidian’s upcoming Dungeon Siege III via Steam, you’ll get Dungeon Sieges I and II for the low, low price of free. Not only is that a whole lot of game, but somehow neither of those two games have dropped in price since their release, making that package a $150 deal for just $50. That’s a pretty silly deal, actually.

No rush on this one, either; unlike a normal Steam sale, this deal will be available between now and when Dungeon Siege III is released in June. The folks at Square have also taken this opportunity that the PC version of the game leverages Steamworks quite heavily to manage achievements, multiplayer, cloud integration, and all the other wonderful things we’ve come to love about Steam. Good call there.

So is this gonna push you folks to pick up the game this early? Are its predecessors that big of an incentive?

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