Pre Order God of War III at… 7-11?

Pre Order God of War III at… 7-11?

Sony is urging gamers to pre order their copy of God of War III at their local 7-11.

Usually when you think of 7-11, you think of slurpees, hot dogs, and the magazine rack, but you hardly think of video games. However, in Japan, I heard 7-11 was the place to find a copy of Final Fantasy XIII after it sold out elsewhere.

If you pre order God of War III at 7-11, you will receive an exclusive poster which looks pretty sweet, if you ask me.

gowposterSony also hinted at some other God of War related offers that will be running at 7-11, so maybe we will be getting a Kratos flavored slurpee or a collectible Slurpee cup. I hope more for a cup, because I don’t want to know what Kratos tastes like…

Via [PSBlog]