Pre-Order Wii U Exclusive Splatoon for the Low Price of £25

on March 17, 2015 7:29 AM

There’s a new shooter on the horizon and it’s coming exclusively to Nintendo’s Wii U and there won’t be a single macho-military man in sight, no swears and no blood. A nice change of pace from the crowded shooter market these days.

Splatoon will have players splatting each other with colorful ink rather than bullets and rocket launchers, and going off the few trailers we’ve seen so far it looks like a charming little shooter that could pick up a nice following and hopefully spawn a follow up if it’s successful.

If you’re interested in a family-friendly shooter and you want to give your wallet an easy time, you can pre-order Splatoon from GameSeek for a measly £25, not too shabby. Considering most games retail at around £50, this one is a bloody brilliant deal.

Splatoon will be painting the town all the colors this May on the Nintendo Wii U, though seem to reckon we’ll be getting our hands on it May 15th.

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