Pre-Payed Plastic, Sports fantastic!

Pre-Payed Plastic, Sports fantastic!

I’m back to my old wiley ways of nonsensical but somewhat relative news titles, and today I am here to announce that EA Sports have launched the first ever Pre-paid debit card, allowing loyal customers to purchase their favourite EA Sports titles! This reloadable card is said to enable any user to recieve a percentage back from every purchase made at online retailers. This system apparently allows you to redeem points, dubbed “EA SPORTS Reward Points”, that can be used to purchase certain sports titles.

EA Global Marketing Vice President Todd Sitrin says,


“The EA Sports DebitSmart Visa Card is a great opportunity for us to offer our community of loyal customers a new way to purchase and save on their favourite titles. Consumers use the card while making their everyday purchases and are rewarded with EA Sports video games! This program is a perfect marriage of enoucraging responsible spending while providing a unique reward programme.”

Will it be fantastic fun? Or a fumbling flop? We’ll let you decide.