Precursor Games Issues Video Responding to Kotaku-Powered Controversy

Precursor Games Issues Video Responding to Kotaku-Powered Controversy

Towards the end of 2012 Kotaku published an article written by a freelancer with a lot of time on his hands, accusing Precursor Games Chief Creative Director Denis Dyack of everything short of manslaughter and armed robbery during his past at Silicon Knights.

A few months have passed since then, and now Precursor Games is crowdfunding on Kickstarter Shadow of the Eternals, defined the spiritual successor of the popular GameCube survival horror Eternal Darkness. One of the challenged hindering the project is that many are apparently believing the allegations in Kotaku’s piece, and are refusing to pledge for the new game due to Dyack’s participation in the project.

In order to mend this PR nightmare the studio released a clip in which Denis Dyack himself denies all the allegations made in the article and apologizes for his past mistakes, followed by a conclusion by Chief Executive Officer Paul Caporicci and Chief Operating Officer Shawn Jackson.

It’s not my place to judge Dyack’s actions, and I won’t say much about the article under scrutiny, besides the fact that I’m not surprised at all that Wired and other outlets refused to publish it, just as I’m even less surprised to see what site ultimately decided to put it under our noses.

You can watch the video and make your own mind, and if you care to help getting the game funded, you can do so on its official Kickstarter page.