Prehistoric Kingdom hits Steam Greenlight: A Chance to Build Your Own Jurassic Park

Prehistoric Kingdom hits Steam Greenlight: A Chance to Build Your Own Jurassic Park

Latest Steam Greenlight Trailer for indie, park-creator game Prehistoric Kingdom teases an upcoming demo

Prehistoric Kingdom is a zoo management simulator for PC that harkens back to games like Zoo Tycoon, but there’s two important difference: it’s all about dinosaurs, and it just hit the Steam Greenlight program.

If history teaches us anything it’s that life finds a way. For Prehistoric Kingdom, that means providing players with the chance to build their own Jurassic Park in a way that is both fun and challenging. The indie developers, Shadow Raven Studios, state that the game will combine advanced building mechanics while introducing the behaviors of 50 extinct species into a simulation:

Prehistoric Kingdom strives to provide a balance between the management and creative metagame while exploring relatively accurate and unique animal concepts fuelled by modern science and speculative ideas.”

As far as the challenging part goes, players will need to maintain imports to the park in terms of construction, animals, and guests while keeping everyone in the park happy, especially the dinosaurs:

“Animals truly are the stars of our show, and as such, we try our hardest to treat them with respect, designing them based on the most available scientific understanding, but also referencing modern animals in the process, especially when it comes to behaviour and their treatment in the park. “

Developers are seeking to have the game greenlit on Steam as a way of sharing their upcoming pre-alpha demo. The demo will seek to show off the game’s core features including its dinosaur AI and modular base-building.

The game will also be heading over to Kickstarter in the near future. You can follow the developers on their Steam Community page as well as their social media.

The teaser for the game’s Steam Greenlight campaign can be found below: