Preorders for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for the PS4 Come with Bonus PS Theme

Preorders for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for the PS4 Come with Bonus PS Theme

Capcom Unity announced today that preorders for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 are now open and that the digital PS4 version comes with a free MM theme.

Looks like Capcom is sweetening the deal for PlayStation owners with the upcoming release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. If you preorder the game on the PS store, you’ll entitled to a free theme to marvel at when you boot up your PS4. The art is a mix of the official art from the original games with new work from UDON, the studio well known for their Street Fighter art books. The compilation is set to release on August 8th on the PS4 and also Xbox One and Steam for $19.99 USD.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 contains the last four of the mainline Blue Bomber games: this would be Mega Man 7-10. However, this won’t just be a rehash of these classic-ish titles. Much like the original Legacy Collection, there will be new challenge sections with remixes of different stages and time trials. There will also be a collection of supplementary content like music from all 4 games, and galleries filled with ‘rare illustrations’.

While the compilation the later Mega Man titles is a little more imbalanced than the original Legacy Collection, it’s an interesting trip down the Blue Bomber’s history, especially with the eighth installment and its anime cutscenes. The return to form with the well received ninth game and the strong follow up with the tenth. Unfortunately some of the rarer titles like Mega Man & Bass or Mega Man: The Wily Wars were not included here.

Interestingly enough, a fan-made project is also unofficially competing with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Mega Maker takes a Super Mario Maker approach to the world of Dr Light and Dr Wily and is currently in development with a release date of July 15th. It should be interesting to see if Capcom does anything to block this unlicensed fan-game. One thing is for certain, Mega Maker will not have a PS4 theme when it releases.