Prepare for a Drunken Zombie Apocalypse with Zombeer

Prepare for a Drunken Zombie Apocalypse with Zombeer

There’s nothing worse than fighting off the zombie apocalypse while sober. It looks like the people at Moonbite Games and U&I Entertainment know the sober struggle and have figured out a way to fix the problem.

Say hello to Zombeer, a first-person shooter where staying drunk is the only way to stay alive.

With new narrative content from 345 Games, optimized gameplay for the PC, Zombeer is packed with humorous references to classic zombie flicks of the past and a hefty supply of ammo and beer.

In Zombeer, you’ll play as K, a survivor inflicted with the zombie virus and a wicked hangover. Players must make their way through the zombie apocalypse managing a balance of sobriety and carnage to find K’s girlfriend Karen and get out alive.

Zombeer can be downloaded on Steam for $9.99.

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