Prepare to Be a WWE Superstar, Details Revealed for WWE 2K15's MyCareer Mode for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Three Entrance Videos Released

WWE fans, it’s time to become a WWE Superstar and WWE 2K15’s MyCareer Mode seems to be the most plausible and realistic way to go.

2K Games held a Q&A session on the official WWE 2K Twitter page and as a result more details were revealed about the game’s new mode.

Brand new to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, this mode will be very similar to the mode found in the NBA 2K series. Just like any WWE hopeful, a player must start from the bottom and slowly climb his or her way up to the top where he or she will be a main eventer.

Just like real superstars, players will train and hone their skills at NXT before they can even think about having a match on Smackdown or Raw.

MyCareer will be a solo event, so no Uso-ing it, only a solo title will be offered and getting to the top will not be an overnight success, this mode will last for as long as 15 years for a player’s career.

In addition, players can go the John Cena route and play as a babyface or Vince McMahon-it and play as a heel or even play both during their career.

Ever want to experience what’s it like to be Rey Mysterio? Now players can because injuries can and will occur in this mode. While injuries won’t stop a player’s career completely they can slow it down immensely, forcing players to take time off to heal.

Lastly, Money in the Bank is offered in this mode with the option (if won) of cashing it for a chance to become a champ.

2K Sports also released three entrance videos (PS4 and Xbox One versions) featuring Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and Corey Graves. Check them out below.

WWE 2K15 will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th.

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