Prepare Yourself for ME3’s Operation: IMPACT

on March 1, 2013 9:03 AM

In light of the release of their latest multiplayer package, Reckoning, and on the eve of the release of their newest (and final) single-player add-on, Citadel, BioWare seems to be taking it very easy on gamers in this week’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer operation. The event is slated to begin today and run until Sunday, March 3rd. You can check out all of the pertinent information below:

Event Description: Recent losses have prompted us to incorporate troop reinforcements from unorthodox sources. These teammates were selected for their insight into anti-Reaper tactics. Integrating their techniques is a mission-critical objective.

Individual Goal: Extract on any difficulty while playing as a Reckoning kit.

Reward: Commendation Pack

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