Presenting...the FINAL BOSS of Team Fortress 2

…or rather, this is what I’d assume it would be if there were a campaign that went with Valve’s monster epic multiplayer shooter. A group of dudes in a Team Fortress 2 server finally learned what TF2 head boss man Robin Walker’s “Valve Rocket Launcher” does when he joined them for a little bit of King of the Hill on the Nucleus map. Hit the jump for the video; just as a warning, it may incite fear in you if you’re a regular player.

So, in case we’re not clear, Robin has unlimited crit rockets, the ability to Uber himself and other users at will, and a crit shot that apparently deals “31,000 damage”. That’s what I call a spicy meatball. Funnily enough, this makes me want to take up TF2 again after a short hiatus, if only for the chance to randomly encounter Robin and airblast him off a ledge into a pit. Killing him would mean something special.

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Allen Park

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