President Obama Receives The Witcher 2 as a Gift

May 29, 2011

Recently the United States President Barack Obama visited Poland, and upon his arrival was greeted by the Prime Minister Donald Tusk who had a selection of gifts ready for the foreign dignitary. In addition to an iPad loaded with famous Polish movies (chief among them being Katedra as well as some English language books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski), President Obama was given a copy of The Witcher 2, created by Polish studio CD Projekt.

President Obama is a noted technology and gaming enthusiast. It was noted after he won the election that he would be bringing a Wii into the White House. Given the state of things right now I would imagine he doesn’t have too much free time for gaming, but this is one more title he can add to his back-log!


[The Escapist]

John Colaw

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