Preview: Beat Sketcher (PS Move) Impressions

To start things off, the PlayStation Move is even more accurate in Beat Sketcher than any game seen thus far. The Move is a very accurate device, and I didn’t think it was possible to see it out-do the games I’ve already seen, but clearly I was wrong. The game consists of an augmented reality screen showing what the PlayStation Eye sees (yourself usually) which you can paint on to music. Waving your paintbrush around in the world will actually trigger and control instruments, adding to the intrigue. There is going to be multiplayer as well when it drops in the Fall exclusively for PlayStation 3.

All around the title is a family-friendly game that is light-hearted and fun. Players can take the game online as well as record themselves rocking out and snap photos. There are challenge and match modes to the game as well which would seem to offer more depth, unfortunately these aren’t available in the demo disc that arrives with the Sports Champions bundle though, and the creation mode can get a little boring for those who want a pick-up and play experience.

The music itself is probably more important in this title than in most, and here is where the game shines. There are a ton of instruments and riffs, but thus far it seems like you aren’t in 100% control of the music. This was a little disappointing since the concept seems so cool until you realize that. Then again, they want you to have a good time and not be obsessing over getting things right like a rhythm game. The drums and guitar are the coolest in the game. The guitar will make a wah-wah pedal sound as you scribble around and smooth strokes will give a smooth strum. There is also everything from xylophones, to pianos and more.

If you were looking for a family-friendly Move game that isn’t too serious and simple enough for your little ones to play who might not even know how to read yet, then this is a game for you. The music and artistic focus in the title is sure to be educational and allow for creativity and fun. If you were looking for something more robust that adults will thoroughly enjoy as well however, you may want to hold out until more of the Challenge Mode and Match Mode are seen. This game has a lot of potential, which is probably surprising to most. I never underestimate a game with a paint brush personally, but more is to be seen before a final verdict can be reached.

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