Preview: Carnival Island Hands-On

Preview: Carnival Island Hands-On

Coming out for PS3 with PlayStation Move controls on October 18th is the budget priced title, Carnival Island. There’s not much to say about Carnival Island other than it’s a family friendly game that consists of mini-games that you can play with the motion controls of the Move remote. We’ve seen a lot of these games before, right? So we know the deal already.

The presentation while on Carnival Island is happy kids on an island full of carnival games. Pretty straight forward. You get to choose to be either a boy or a girl, then which mini-game you would like to play — at least on this build of the demo of the game. There was a total of five on this day for me, with four being unique and one being a 2-player version of another. The one with the option of one or two players was called Hoops. 

Hoops was played with both pointer and motion controls. You first point to the basketball and then you press and hold the Move button to grab it. Then it’s all about the motion and release of said button. I was honestly doing horrible, and I’ll chalk this one up to either bad controls or bad controllers. I just could not get a feel for the game. Usually, for games like this and even in real life, if I was given a minute to try to make a ball into three different hoops, I’d be able to make at least one basket. Someone else tried right after me and was able to only make one point on his very last shot. Don’t know what was wrong. It could be that the controllers weren’t calibrated correctly? Who knows.

The next and last mini-game I played was a combination of a slot machine and skee ball. This mini-game worked a bit better, because it wasn’t as demanding for accuracy as the basketball mini-game. As you’re making the balls into the holes by flinging the Move controller, you’re also triggering the slot machine to hopefully hit the jackpot. This offered up some fun, because, hey, at least I made some points, right? 130 to be exact!

Overall, I see Carnival Island as too little, for too much, too late. This would have been ok as a Wii launch title, but for $39.99 this late in the motion gaming era, you can look elsewhere for a much more enjoyable experience. Little kids, stay clear of Carnival Island.