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With so many games coming out in the coming months it is quite easy for smaller unknown titles to slip through the cracks. Not all titles are created equal especially when it comes to marketing and promotion. Does that mean titles that aren’t mainstream can’t be as good? Hell No! And if early previews of Darkest Days are any indication then we might have just stumbled upon the sleeper hit of the fall.

Darkest Days comes to us from 8monkey labs, and it runs on their very own Marmoset Engine. This engine along with NVidia PhsyX has been tweaked in order for the developers to provide such an ambitious experience. You see what the developers have set out to do is something that you don’t see too often in  games. It’s called taking a chance and being different. If i had to classify it, it would call it Assassins Creed, with a dash of Call of Duty, and a sprinkle of Steroids. The story has the player travel back and forth through time, to key turning points in major battles throughout history. Whether it’s Pompeii, fighting as the ashes from Mt. Vesuvius rain down or battling alongside General Custard in the Battle of Little Bighorn it’s all on you “to keep history intact.” You must fight in the past in order to save your future. Pretty Cool idea huh? Check out these screens and official box art, then you might have to add yet another title to your September shopping list.

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