Preview: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Eyes-On Impressions

Preview: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Eyes-On Impressions

After a mediocre showing from the second Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is set to fix all the heartache from fans who were so disappointed. This time around in the world of Dead Rising 2, instead of Chuck Greene, we have photojournalist Frank West once again. And this is not just Dead Rising 2 with Frank West dropped into a game that came out last year. This game is completely new, with a new story, new weapons, new weapon combos, and new areas. The fans’ cries were heard, and all you have to do is read on to hear about some of the stuff you will see in Off the Record.

Photojournalist Frank West is back to do what he does best — photojournalism. Taking pictures was noticeably absent from the original Dead Rising 2, but now it’s back. Not only is taking pictures back, but West has made an upgrade; he now has a digital camera! The picture taking system is pretty simple — the more creative, the more points. The game recognizes how many zombies are in the picture and what is happening, and then factors in all the elements to let you know how great it was.



The area I saw being played in was a theme park located somewhere in Fortune City. It’s huge, lights are bright and it leaves open many opportunities for creative kills. What I saw were firecrackers being thrown into one of the rides, and zombies being torn apart as they attracted themselves to the light and into the moving ride. Good times.

New weapons and weapon combinations are all over the place, but I’ll those for you guys to discover and to mess around with.

Fresh areas, new story, and new toys aren’t the only things they’re offering though. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will feature much better loading times and save points — a problem that some saw in the original. It’s almost as if Off the Record is some sort of an apology, because it will come out at the budgeted price of $39.99 this fall. We look forward at another go in Fortune City.