Preview: inFamous: Festival of Blood Impressions

Preview: inFamous: Festival of Blood Impressions

The upcoming standalone download inFamous: Festival of Blood is coming just in time for Halloween on October 25, 2011, and I got to check it out to see how cool this download will be. Will it be worth the 10 bucks you’re going to have to shell out? My verdict so far is ‘yes’.

inFamous: Festival of Blood starts off with a story from the beloved Zeke that involves Cole, Pyre Night and Bloody. Pretty much a nightmarish world where vampires have taken over New Marais. This is when you start playing in this new New Marais that has gotten a complete makeover and it’s up to Cole to battle through the night. The setting is really cool with people outside at night enjoying a party with their glows ticks and costumes. You get that Halloween vibe throughout.

In this download, you control Cole (duh) who has his own vampire tricks up his sleeve. Yes, you get to play as vampire Cole, and it is pretty sweet. First off, Cole now has the Corruption Meter to carry out his new vampire skills. The way you fill up this meter is by sucking the blood out of people to stay strong. It’s kind of dark and morbid, but I guess if you’re going to be playing as a vampire, you better start acting like one.

So what kind of stuff can this new Cole do in this download. Well…he can fly. He can fly to anywhere he wants as a bat and all you got to do is make sure your Corruption Meter is high enough, because then you’ll just fall in the middle of your flight. So drink up! You can also press the ‘R2’ button now to turn on your Vampire Vision. With Vampire Vision, you get to see through the bodies of pedestrians, kind of like X-ray vision. When you discover that one of the pedestrians isn’t sporting a heart, then you can stake them in the chest (the weakness of every vampire ever) and stop them before they transform into something worse.

Some of the enemies here are also something interesting to look forward to. I went up against a ‘Firstborn’ and he reminded me very much of the X-Men, Nightcrawler. He was fast (almost teleporting) and was very intimidating. Needless to say that I got my butt kicked pretty fast against that one.

The entire experience is said to run for 2-3 hours, but there is definitely more to be had here. There is a whole new set of features and tools here for User-Generated Content that can keep those creatives out there busy for sometime. There is also a lot of exploration that is to be had in areas that open up and that can be found, such as secret vampire passageways that can be discovered by using Vampire Vision. I, for one, am excited to play more of inFamous: Festival of Blood, and have to say that I wish more downloads were put together this well. Remember, Festival of Blood releases next week.