Preview: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode Hands-On

After getting back into Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live in the past few weeks, I recently got a chance to sit down and play the new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival mode. For those of you who don’t know, the Spec Ops Survival mode allows you team up with a partner to take on waves upon waves of enemies until you guys cannot take on anymore. It’s sort of a nice blend of Call of Duty zombies and the Call of Duty multiplayer we all know and love.

In this mode, my partner and I started off pretty good with the first few waves. Enemies come at you with their rifles and guns, and you can claim their weapons as your own right after you take them out. This, I found to be incredibly helpful, because lack of ammo will almost never be an excuse in this mode. After the first few waves and earning money along the way, armories begin to open up. The weapon, equipment and air support armory open up, each in different locations, and they’re your means to get better and stronger.

The weapon armory is your “go to place” to pick up new guns, pick up ammo, and upgrade your guns all for a nominal fee. I have always been a M16 with holographic sight user in Modern Warfare 2, and I immediately went to get this gun purchased and upgraded in this mode. It was a satisfying feeling to reunite with an old friend.

The equipment armory is where you go to pick up some extra protection during your battle against the waves. This includes picking up last stand, grenades and flash bangs. The last, but certainly not least, armory is the air support. This is where the all-too-popular killstreaks in Call of Duty multiplayer make their way into the Survival mode. You can purchase predator missiles, sentry guns and even call in AI controlled squads to help assist you and your partner. It makes you feel safe knowing you have all these things fighting on your side for a change after taking a pounding for a few rounds.

The enemies that come after you range from regular guys with shotguns to juggernauts with riot shields. They mix it up quite a bit, and the computer controlled enemies do become smarter, so you got to make sure you’re on your toes. The only wish I had was that this was a four player mode instead of just for two, but I do see it becoming more of a game of brains this way. The importance of teamwork is apparent throughout the mode, and the biggest indication is the ability to pool and share money to help each other out. Strategy is going to be a big factor in this mode, so you better come up with some quick.

I look very forward to playing this mode when Modern Warfare 3 drops this fall, and look forward to hearing and reading more as the release approaches closer and closer. For now, continue enjoying Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 like I am!

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