NBA 2K13 Hands-On Gameplay Brings Finesse To Dribbling And Defending

NBA 2K13 Hands-On Gameplay Brings Finesse To Dribbling And Defending

It really is a treat to see so many developers going out of their way to surprise their fans, and even their detractors. 2K Sports is shaking the “60 dollar roster expansion” sports game stigma in a big way by introducing a multitude of new gameplay elements to NBA 2K13, focused on granting the player better control of their team on every level. After having a chance to sit down with the game, it’s very easy to see that 2K Sports is focused on bringing in a fresh new gameplay experience along with the focus on the younger, current players.

The first gameplay update of note is that dribbling is now controlled with the right analog stick. Employing a one-to-one motion, the right stick is now the player’s hands. Pressing the analog in any direction will manifest in the player maneuvering the ball in said direction, while creating a circular motion will result in a spin move. You can utilize some fancy stationary dribbling, crossovers and even go behind the back in an attempt to break your defender’s ankles and make a clean break for the hoop.

Not just leaving the advancement in the realm of offense, players will now be able to change the direction of their stance with the use of the left trigger and the right analog stick. This new adjustment will allow players to play a more comprehensive defensive game, granting the defender equal control of the situation as the offense. The left trigger can also be used now to change a pass to a bounce pass. The result of these new movement elements would merely seem showy if it weren’t for the new dynamic shot system. Movement adjustments and collisions will happen in real-time, resulting in dynamic shots that take each individual situation’s physics into account.

Next, I had a chance to briefly check out the new “Signature Skill” system that will be featured in 2K13. While the stat and player rating system still exists, each player can have up to five signature skills that adjusts each player’s style to situations. Kevin Garnet’s “Closer” ability will grant him adjustments in the 4th quarter, for example. All of these gameplay adjustments round out NBA 2K13‘s early build into something where each individual player is fully unique, with strengths and styles that add up into a gameplay experience as fun and entertaining as the NBA itself. While 2K12 focused on the greats of our past, 2K13 is focused squarely on the NBA’s present and future, and the future looks bright.

The developers put out a video today explaining the expanding gameplay elements of 2K13, you can view that and a gallery of the cover players in action below.