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Scheduled to release late 2011, NeverDead is a western developed videogame lead and directed by Shinta Nojiri, who has worked on games such as the Metal Gear series in the past. So how does this blending of western and eastern influence work for a game like NeverDead? Does it bring together the greatness of both sides and make one great game? Read on to find 0ut.

The biggest asset of NeverDead is (almost) exactly as it sounds, you never really die. You can get your limbs and even your head torn off, but this doesn’t kill you. This may sound not very challenging, but there are other ways to fail or to get a ‘game over’ screen outside of the conventional means we have all been accustomed to. I witnessed two ways to lose during my time with NeverDead. The first way I had my game ended was when I allowed Arcadia to die. She is a character you’re supposed to protect, and once she dies, the mission is over. The second way is to have your head rolling around and then having a Grandbaby swallow it whole.

The whole thing is kind of disturbing because you have your body parts coming off and coming back together. You can even purposely rip each body part off as part of your strategy to advance in the game. One way to use your body parts is to throw your arm like a piece of meat to distract the dog-like monsters. Advancing in the game is very linear. Don’t expect much side-questing or multiple paths, because they’re not here. You’re thrown into one area, expected to clear whatever objective is presented, and then move on once you have figured it out. Not too complicated.

The action in NeverDead is great though. What it lacks in storyline depth is made up with creative and interesting ways to combat. You get to use guns and swords, and there’s even some bullet time slow motion. I have to admit that I found myself confused with the controls for quite some time, because there is a lot going on, but I started to figure it out as I went along.

Overall, I feel that NeverDead is really ambitious title, but everything doesn’t come together that well. Once the novelty of losing limbs without consequence wears off, you really have nothing much going for it. Hopefully there is much more to be seen. NeverDead will have 4-player co-op modes, and I look forward to see how those are in the near future. Stay tuned here for more on NeverDead as its release draws nearer and nearer.

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