Preview: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Impressions

By François Chang

January 21, 2011

At the recent Nintendo 3DS event in NYC city, attendees were able to get their hands on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. The version they had available was single-player only, included every character from its console counterpart, the option of dynamic or normal view, and two arcade mode battles before the demo ended. It was a shame that it was single-player only, because there were so many 3DS’s that there could have been a nice little tournament taking place. Anyway, it was great to see every character was included in the game, including all their specials, taunts, and colors. This isn’t, by any means, a watered down version to fit the 3DS standards. This version of Super Street Fighter IV has everything the original had (except maybe slightly toned-down graphics), and then some.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition has the option of two different views, dynamic and normal. Normal is, like you would guess, the normal view of the 2D plane. Dynamic is from over the shoulder, and it is the view that is far less practical. Dynamic view is great if you want to show off the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D capabilities, but it’s not very good if you’re playing to win. The 3D effects look amazing on this game, but dynamic view gets a little crazy and confusing. This special camera angle is a nice novelty, but I’m sure a lot of people won’t be going back to it too often.

Each character that I chose played just as they do when I pop in my Xbox 360 version every night. The controls were rock solid, and it felt like 3D Edition didn’t miss a beat. One addition to this version that is most noticeable is on the touch-screen. There are four big buttons that you can press that execute moves for you. Two of them are special moves, and the other two are the character’s super and ultra. I guess this is a way to ease players into the game, without having to learn some of the complicated button inputs. It’s a nice way to allow new players to enjoy the game, but definitely limiting considering the touch-screen only has two moves when most characters have three or more.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was definitely one of the highlights of all the games I played, and will most likely be the game players will get for their newly bought 3DS’s. With all the multiplayer options that will be included in the retail version of the game, I can honestly say that I cannot wait for this game’s release.

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