Preview Valeera in New Trailer for Heroes of the Storm

Preview Valeera in New Trailer for Heroes of the Storm

A new trailer has been released for Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed PC exclusive MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

The trailer showcases various new contents currently in development for the game. The most significant is probably Valeera, a new playable character.

Valeera sports slick armor and twin swords. Her ability Vanish lets her move in on opponents unseen for a preemptive strike. She can ravage foes at close range with Sinister Strike, Blade Flurry and Eviscerate; Blade Flurry in particular even hits behind the hero.

She can escape into smoke with Cloak of Shadows or use that smoke to confuse foes with her Smoke Bomb.

The trailer also shows additional skins for Valeera including Master Valeera and Demon Hunter Valeera, as well as new skins for other characters like Lunar Li-Ming and Monkey King Samuro. Notice how the skins change the appearance of abilities and not just the costumes of the characters.

Towards the end we get a glimpse at the Nimbus, Felsaber and Lunar Rooster mounts. The gold Lunar Rooster is especially fetching, I must say.

See the new trailer below.