Previously Removed Title Paranautical Activity Re-Releasing on Steam in New “Deluxe Atonement Edition”

Previously Removed Title Paranautical Activity Re-Releasing on Steam in New “Deluxe Atonement Edition”

It seems that Paranautical Activity, the indie game previously released on and then removed from Steam, will be given a second chance on the platform. Digerati announced that they have acquired the full PC rights to the title and that it will be re-released on Steam today, as well as making its debut in the Humble Store and GOG.

The game will launch as the Deluxe Atonement Edition, which includes a new “special floor” (a slippery slidey Frozen variant), a new weapon called the thumping ‘Recoil Rifle,” used to create space between you and enemies/traps and a new item with the interesting name the Digerati Defibrillator. There are also developer commentaries, wallpapers and The Seafarer’s Guide, which helps players understand the enemies, items, weapons and bosses. The Deluxe Atonement Edition will launch at $9.99 with a 30% discount.

Nick Alfieri from Digerati had this to say about the title’s triumphant return:

We’ve taken over the PC rights for Paranautical Activity, because we loved the game and were sad that people weren’t getting to play it. I wanted to thank everyone who had already supported the title in its early access stage, so we’ve added some new in-game content – a new level, item and weapon as well of a bunch of other cool unseen digital bits and bobs. Working with GOG, Steam & the guys at Humble is always a pleasure and brings the game to a wider, different audience so it’s great to be going (back) out on all these stores on the same day!

In October of last year, the creator of Paranautical Activity and co-founder of studio Code Avarice Mike Maulbeck tweeted several angry messages at Value for mistakenly labeling the newly released title as an “Early Access” game instead. He then tweeted death threats toward Gabe Newell, which resulted in his game being abruptly pulled from Steam altogether. Shortly after, Maulbeck resigned from the company and gave up all rights to the game.

You can watch the new trailer for Paranautical Activity below.