Prey Beaten in Under 7 Minutes, Sets New Record

Prey Beaten in Under 7 Minutes, Sets New Record

A new speedrun record is set as Prey is beaten in under 7 minutes.

I don’t know how speedrunners do it, but just recently video was recorded by Seeker TV for finishing Prey in 6:59.50 setting a new benchmark for finishing the Arkane sci-fi shooter. This makes Prey one of the shortest adventure style FPS’s of the year.

Seeker holds no records other than Prey, but as seen in the video, makes excellent use of the games most iconic weapon: the GLOO gun.


Taking me nearly twenty hours to complete the first time around, earlier in the year Prey was completed in under twenty minutes. Since then, speedruners have been trying to outdo themselves since it came out last month. Now since Seeker has broken the seven minute barrier, it’s uncertain if further speedrun experts can possibly get the time any lower.

There are most likely many secrets still to find in the mysterious space station Talos waiting to be uncovered. Knowing how diligent most speedrunners are, it should not take much time to further lower the record.

We scored Prey an 8.5 labeling the title as “another great game”. A few weeks ago patch 1.04 was released adding PS4 Pro support and a variety of other improvements. Prey is currently available on PS4, Xbox one, and PC.