Prey: Experience the Nightmare in One Hour of Raw Gameplay

Prey: Experience the Nightmare in One Hour of Raw Gameplay

Arkane Studios' Prey shows you what happens when a sunny day goes totally wrong in one hour of raw gameplay.

The release of Prey is drawing close, and Bethesda Softworks allowed DualShockers to record about one hour of raw gameplay from the beginning of the game for your perusal.

We get to see the selection between the male and female version of protagonist Morgan Yu, his or her first day at work at TranStar, and how things go south, including all the basics of the game with the help of tutorial pop-ups.

The game looks really fantastic, and appears to be rich with atmosphere and a peculiar sense of oppressive claustrophobia that is perfect for this kind of title.

Prey will release on May 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The video below showcases the PC version of the game.

Check out the video below, but do keep in mind that it includes mild spoilers from the first hours of the game.

If you want to hear more, don’t forget to enjoy Joel’s video preview. You can also give a look at a recent batch of screenshots and at a trailer released when the launch date was announced.