Prey Free Trial Now Available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC; Discounted to $30 for Limited Time

Prey Free Trial Now Available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC; Discounted to $30 for Limited Time

Arkane Studios' Prey now has a new free trial for players across all platforms, and has a 50% discount in place for a limited time.

Released earlier this year, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios’ Prey brought players in a deep sci-fi world of intrigue and mysterious, extra-terrestrial forces, with the game now available in a free trial capacity for those that have yet to jump into the sci-fi thriller.

Bethesda has announced that a new trial version of Prey is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and (for the first time) PC, which will offer players a chance to try out the game’s opening hours free of charge. A demo version of the game was previously available on PS4 and Xbox One only, while Bethesda had previously said that players that wanted to try the game out on PC (via Steam) could purchase the game and then refund it if they weren’t happy with the experience.

However, the new Trial version of the game on PC will offer players a completely free chance to try out the game, while the new Trial will replace the previously available Demo version of the game (though the content itself seems to be more or less the same, as it will be the game’s opening level).

However, the Trial across all three versions will allow players to carry over their saves, Achievements/Trophies, and progress from the Trial and into the full game, if they decide to purchase it. As a bonus, the game is currently available at 50% off across all platforms for $29.99, for a limited time.

Prey is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For a closer look at the free trial version, you can check out a new trailer from Bethesda below: