Prey Looks Great in 9 Minutes of Extended Gameplay; Shows Powers, Combat, RPG Elements and More

Prey Looks Great in 9 Minutes of Extended Gameplay; Shows Powers, Combat, RPG Elements and More

Following the brief reveal at The Game Awards, Bethesda Softworks released another extended look at Prey‘s gameplay.

The video that you can see below, narrated by Arkane Studios Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare, lets us see a lot more of the game’s mechanics and of the Talos I space station.

The objective of the mission on display is to find a crew member named Dr. Calvino, and that requires exploring both the interior and the exterior of the station, while fighting sneaky Mimic aliens, other kinds that aren’t so sneaky like the Phantom, and generally trying to stay alive.

Interestingly, we also get to see a variety of weapons and the RPG elements included in the game. Crucial to Prey‘s progression system is the Neuromod, an item that basically prompts the player to stab a needle in his eye in order to acquire abilities from multiple skill trees: Scientist, Engineer, Security, Energy, Morph and Telepathy.

Of course, some of the abilities are human in nature, while other come from the aliens. Quite a few of those powers are shown in action in the video. There is also a concept of risk and reward, as occasionally installing certain Neuromods can attract the attention of the aliens, and some of them are really nasty, like the Nightmare.

Quite interesting is the “recycling charge,” that lets players basically disassemble items caught in its implosion and turn them into ingredients for the fabrication system. The crafting system enables the creation of equipment and items by using “fabricator” stations, that need to be fed fabrication plans that can be found in the game.

Incidentally, we also see some Zero-G traversal along the exterior of the space station, which appears to be really massive.

Prey is slated for release in Spring 2017 year for PS4, Xbox One and PC, it was initially announced at Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference, and a few gameplay videos have been shown since, including a trailer featuring the male version of the protagonist, and one featuring the female version.